Bringing her home

This is one of my first few poems 😛 I know it is long but if you enjoy folklore/horror, then do give it a read 🙂 A story about #YukiOnna .

Random Musings


My voice, it falters but my will shall not betray,
These tales that I have vowed to convey.
As the fifth song I begin,
I feel an unearthly chill from within.
A woman waded forward, surrounded by snow,
The village lights had soon turned into a distant glow.

Izumi still went forward, unrelenting,
“Maiko!!”, she called out, all the while lamenting.
“Maiko!!”, her tears nearly froze as they came
But she continued to call out her name.
She thought of nothing, except her child,
She worried not of what lurked in the wild.

The villagers spoke about legends of Yuki
Tales of terror and downright spooky.
She was said to be a mistress of snow
Who perished in a snowstorm ages ago.

A Yokai’s form she assumed,
So many lost, so many her snow consumed.
Some said she was a beauty, most divine
With unmatched allure, her silken robes were…

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