Arcane Rhapsodies


I wrote this book as a sort of creative catharsis, I wanted these tales to reach readers everywhere. I’ve been selfish while writing this book as this is the kind of collection that would appeal to me at any given point in time.

The poems are long (Sorry 😦 ), each one a chapter from my book. Feel free to read them at leisure and share your feedback if you want. You can share your testimonials/reviews here or on Goodreads as per your preference.

All content is copyrighted so please refrain from copying the content. You may gladly share the link with friends and family if you wish to share my work.

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Arcane Rhapsodies

Here’s a sneak peek into each poem/story/chapter. I hope you have a good time reading them. 🙂

Prologue: Enter, Henry the playwright. Something urges Henry to rediscover his creative light and so he travels.

Jingwei’s Quest: A young maiden and her father run into the Dragon King, Master and Lord of water.

The Night at the Manor: A thief ventures into a supposedly haunted manor. Will he find what he is looking for?

The Princess’ Plight: A princess weeps over her fate. She must decide who she must remain loyal to, her family or her love? It is not as simple as her decision is bound to cause many a ripple.

Jack-o-lantern: How is that the Jack-o-lantern came to be? Discover the truth about Jack, the face of Halloween.

The Pharoah’s Display: A curator prepares for a grand opening to the latest exhibit. The Pharaoh, surrounded by his hundred Shabti, makes a stunning display.

The Kitchen Witch: A witch eyes the King and his land. Will the King’s forces catch her before it’s too late? A witch makes her presence felt.

Kali of the Kali Yuga: The demon Kali and his friend, Dwapar, are out creating mischief again when they chance upon a boy who seems to know them all.

The Victim of the Night: Not an unsuspecting man, he tries to figure out his neighbour, a strange, pale faced man. He seems to stumble on more than he can handle.

Grim & the Klabautermann: A measly deckhand is visited by a Klabautermann and trouble ensues. Will Grim live to tell his tale?

The Lady in White: A young one looking for a thrill, a vamp, a vengeful phantom and what’s this talk of a secret key?

The Lost Child: Jacob, the King’s advisor finds a lost child in the forest. Something tugs Jacob towards a long forgotten past.

A Tale of Two Cousins: The Fire breather of Avici naraka ponders over the life of a new soul that is reborn in the hell of hells. The new resident, Devadatta, soon identifies himself as Gautam Buddha’s cousin.

The Witch’s Well: On a Walpurgis Night, a fallen witch is resurrected by her sisters. Why and how do the townsfolk come to fear the one that rose from the well?

Curtain Call-Revelations: A crime has been committed. A detective and a doctor try to get to the bottom of it all. I, the storyteller must narrate it all.

Epilogue- In a Click of the Heels: And here it ends? A parting word on Henry’s journey.