About Me


Thank you for taking the time to browse through my blog.

I’m a published author & poet (see Arcane Rhapsodies), ex-HR manager and currently pursuing PhD.

Poetry happened by sheer chance, I had always had an inclination for writing but had never dared to write a verse until I actually did and I surprised myself. I predominantly write creative fiction and love to play with different genres such as thriller, horror, fantasy, mythology and folklore. I also enjoy writing haiku, micro-poetry and tweet sized tales. I use my writing to voice out issues and causes that I feel strongly about-gender equality, women and children’s issues, animal welfare, elder care. This poetry blog is purely for my creative satisfaction, a result of random musings, reflection and imagination, retellings from folklore and mythology among other genres.

Professionally speaking, I have studied management and specialized in Human Resource Management at masters level. I worked as an HR Manager in an MNC for 2 years and then decided to pursue my academic interests and writing dream. Currently, I am pursuing PhD and hope to add value to the field of Organizational Behavior through my research and writings. 2 of my management articles have been winning entries on the Times Ascent website.

To know more about my written word in print (online and offline), check out my published writings.


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