The sparrows that chirped “Tragedy”


Set up more of these if you will

But I shall swing still.

A decent perch for winters

But deadly when it simmers.

Nevertheless, I shall still sway

For you humans have had your way

With our greens and Adam’s ale

A tragedy of the commons without fail.

About the post: I clicked this photo in the midst of a busy, crowded market place in Kolkata. I couldn’t help but stop and marvel at the many sparrows in this spot because I hardly see them anymore in Delhi.

Adam’s Ale means water.

It really is a sorry state of affairs and a true lesson in the tragedy of the commons for all of us.

Tragedy of the commons-Where someone does something for individual benefit like consuming more and the result is that everyone suffers collectively for this extra consumption.

On the bright side, the nearby shopkeepers had scattered generous amounts of bird feed for the sparrows that sat on the wires than the few shoots of green around there.