Oh my sparrow!

Sharing something that I wrote last year. It’s the theme of my mood today…birds, nature and our concrete jungle. Hope you find it worth your time.

Random Musings

“House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)- Male in Kolkata I IMG 5904”
by J.M.Garg (Through Wikipedia)
Specks of dust lace the window pane,
I ponder upon this concrete jungle’s bane.
I sip my tea, I steal a slurp.
Be still my heart, was that a chirp?

A glimpse of feathers, chestnut brown
One of the few sparrows left in our town.
I stayed still, I watched as it perched.
How many parks for it had I searched!

It twitched its tail and chirped aloud,
It stomped its feet , invoking a dust cloud.
The tuft of brown rolled about in the hole,
Flinging dust like a naughty troll.

Finally it hopped into the chimney vent,
Its home amidst the mortar and cement.
I moved to the kitchen like a cat
And soon I heard their raucous spat.

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This poem is based on my chance encounter with a sparrow on…

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