A dance of death-Thang Ta


A dance in the dark,
Every move a measured mark.
Lunging forward,
Swishing her sword,
Her slender wrist,
Sashaying like a windy mist.
She follows his breath,
Partners in the dance of death.
She rallies every blow,
Drawing blood from her foe.
He sees defeat in her eyes,
A final strike and he sighs.
The orbs, much like a mirror,
Faded as death drew nearer.
She stood on guard,
Bruised and scarred,
She sheathed her sword,
The blind warrior’s reward.

About the post:

Couple of days ago, I saw a really interesting martial arts dance form called “Thang ta” from Manipur, India. I actually saw a blind cutting wherein the artist is blindfolded with sand-filled cloth and another artist balances melons/radish on various parts of the body while the blindfolded artist skilfully cuts the fruit/vegetable into pieces. The artist displays skills and techniques with various weapons such as the sword, a spear, an axe, etc in tandem with the war music playing in the background.

This is my imagination of the art form. I plan to write a post on this very soon on my blog and will add a video or two as well. So, you can check it out by this weekend if you are interested.

(A poem/a blog post on 29th Feb 🙂 )


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