An everyday love story



They chaperoned well
Fireflies and their magic spell
-Alas, they could not see.

The ladybirds blushed
As their fingers brushed
-Visions in their minds.

Slender stalks of green
Lovers nestled in between
-Like tulips they kissed.

The young bud flowered
And they took a step forward
-Lovebirds and their nest.

The waves teased the beach
She moved far beyond his reach
-The hourglass of life.

Alone in his grief
The old oak shed its last leaf
-Lovers reunite.

About the post:

I wrote this set of haiku (5-7-5 syllables format) that conveys a story put together and also by each haiku itself. You might have read haiku with non-rhyming scheme but I started experimenting and since rhyming comes naturally to me, I like to write haikus with a rhyme, it lends a rhythm for me.

I was actually really pleased with myself on this one because I really had no clue about haiku, not so long ago. This one actually got me longlisted and shortlised for the Word Weavers Poetry Contest 2015 . I really hope you enjoyed it.


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