Sorting Sand


Desert dunes
Layer after layer,
The grains of sand
Now weigh heavy.

Serreptitiuous sorrows
Wallow within.
A Gordian knot
Grows tighter.

Precarious pursuits,
Untying the knots,
Peeling the layers
Off myself.

About the post: Just a little something that’s been on my mind, an attempt at free verse, if you will. It’s a bit sullen and gloomy but so was the day. Seemingly trivial things pile up too and can really bog you down. It took a long time deciding the title and I found “Sorting Sand” to be appropriate metaphor for reflecting over and sorting things in life.

A “Gordian knot” originates from the legend of Gordius, the king of Gordium, who once tied a knot and prophecised that whoever would undo his knot would rule Asia. It is believed that Alexander the Great cut through the knot with his sword and well, he ruled far and wide in Asia. However, the crux of the legend is that a Gordian knot is a difficult problem that warrants thinking out of the box for a solution.


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