Of seashells and memories


What could she ever hope to find
Jumbled jigsaw in her mind
Staring into empty space
Miles away, herself she’d chase
A faint hum of an old lullaby
A glimmer of hope in her eye
Memories that were very dear
The seashell whispering in her ear
Sand castles upon the beach
The waves within her reach
Watching them come and go
The sand, the sun, the watery glow

About the post:

Been long since my last post but I was really caught up with some exams. I thought that it was time to post something new for the new year. I found myself wandering somewhere in my mind, thinking about how the struggles of finding oneself, real self, remembering a memory, or remembering who we really are. Wrote this one in a way that it can be read both ways, top to bottom and bottom to top. No punctuations mostly to aid the two way readability.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 🙂


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