Halloween’s Tiny Tales



Grimacing at their pawns
As they gather upon the lawns,
Unwitting souls in the night,
Bow before Jack-o-lanterns burning bright.

The freezing yet tranquil river
Was not what made her shiver.
Chills ran down her spine
As it whispered, “You are mine.”

He thought he’d had too much to drink,
Knees knocking as he began to sink
Into a growing pool of black,
None is safe when the shadows attack.

She slipped into the lavender bath,
The water seething with its wrath
As she lay there, in crimson,
Finally letting go of her gun.

He cajoles them each day,
While they sleep, while they pray.
More often than not, he finds a disciple,
A monastery, a demon, a rotten apple.

About the post:

I know I’ve been out of action for a while, was really tied up with some serious decisions and chores. Since this is the Halloween month, my favourite time for some good thrills and chills, I’ve whipped up some tiny tales to get me started for Halloween. More to come on monsters, legends, folklore and all things that scream Halloween.

Some people find it very odd that some of us get very excited about Halloween, not that it’s a festival that’s celebrated in India so I’d like to take this opportunity to share a point on the same. Yes, I know it is a westernized concept (but so is Valentine’s, Mothers’ or Fathers’ day and all the rest), I grew up on a very generous dose of English cartoons (back when Cartoon Network was not what it has become in India now…feel sorry for kids now…I remember writing hate mails to them because I was so horrified with their cartoons at one point) and horror stories. Halloween is a nostalgic time for me and reminds me how wild my imagination grew around it, wild enough to weave stories that can thrill and chill, hence, I get excited and post things related to Halloween. So those who enjoy Halloween, hope that this post gives a boost to your Halloween howls 🙂