A river of dread,
Questions swirling in his head.
His saviour nowhere to be found,
Beaten, he fell to the ground.
Tears welled in his eyes,
Not a soul to address his cries.
A murmur, they point his way,
Nobody listens to what he has to say.
Passing judgement comes quick,
Niceties just a parlour trick.
Declared dead before he really was,
Branded too soon as a lost cause.

About the post: I was thinking about things that can torment someone enough to give up his/her life. Self-doubt, depression and loss are each capable of breaking down the strongest of souls. However, what disturbs me is that we may be unable to see warning signs of those suffering from such agony, are we not looking closely enough, are we not listening, do we judge people too soon, do we even see them at all?