Arcane Rhapsodies- Enter, The Playwright

Arcane Rhapsodies

Poems by Navya Jain

That week brought Henry much surprise,
A critique reviewed him, sans any disguise.
“The actors and the direction had flair,
But for the playwright, I could not care.
Even Thespis could not consume the verses,
And so he did bestow his curses.
The playwright failed to please,
Elements missing from his melodies.”

So it is that Henry found himself at a tavern,
Looking for ancient tales that he wished to learn.
He hoped to draw inspiration from his travel,
He wondered what mysteries he was bound to unravel.
He gaped as the minstrel played unknown keys,
Singing ancient, arcane rhapsodies.

About the post: This is an excerpt from “Prologue-Arcane Rhapsodies” from my book “Arcane Rhapsodies”. An unexpected critique urges Henry, the playwright, to rediscover his creative light and so he begins his journey.

A word on Thespis, Thespis is considered to be the father of Drama. We’ve all heard the word “Thespians”, right?

About the book: ‘Arcane Rhapsodies’ weaves together some known and some unknown folklore, myths and legends from around the world.This collection of short stories(in verses) takes the reader back and forth in time, in and out of fables, open to the reader’s own interpretation.

Henry, a renowned playwright sets out in search of inspiration for his verses. Explore with him, the dark and the light, the seen and the unseen, the imagination and the reality that surrounds us and occasionally binds us. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye, so watch out and don’t hold back as you embark on Henry’s adventure that is bound to leave you thrilled.


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