Ameera’s Adventure

 Ameera rolled her sleeves as her cape swayed,
She moved towards the giant cave to commence her raid.
There was no other way or means of reclaiming her Queen’s domain,
The monsters turned on her at once, but she annihilated them with much strain.
She tripped and faltered, a scratch here, a gash there,
But she egged on further, in the monsters’ lair.

Battered, bruised and strained by the onslaught,
She made her way out as she valiantly fought.
She gulped the fresh air and steadied herself
Not long before she was intercepted by a dark elf.

It studied her for a long time.
Ameera was helpless, she found herself engulfed by grime.
Dark elves, they were hard to evade
But this was not Ameera’s first raid.
She wrapped her cape around herself tighter, till it became a shell.
The dark elf made attempts to break her will,
It summoned waves of grime but Ameera stayed still.
Vexed and humiliated, the dark elf finally withdrew.
Ameera emerged from her shell, her next duty in clear view.

She eyed the ominous hill of the dead.
It was a wasteland of corpses where one must carefully tread.
Ameera drew her sword and cleared her path.
They tried to grab her and strike her with all their wrath.
Ameera had to battle these vengeful vines.
She soldiered on and drove them to hell’s confines.
Finally, she stood atop the hill, beaming with pride.
Conquered again, she celebrated with her arms open wide.

“Ameera! What do you think you are doing?
What if you fall?! I don’t need any trouble brewing!”
Ameera snapped out to reality and her shoulders sank.
“Sorry Auntiji”, she uttered, her expression now blank.
As Ameera made her way down the kitchen slab
The mistress inspected Ameera’s work, she waddled around with her flab.
“The cupboard better be spotless, cleared of the insects and cobwebs.”
Ameera nodded away, her glory and pride ebbs.
“The bed better be rid of the monsters underneath,
Bhaiiyya complains of chattering teeth.
Better set the rat traps right away.
You hear me?! Or still dreaming and been led astray??”

About the poem: I wrote this poem for a poetry competition a few months back.
The poem describes the arduous daily routine of a maid servant, who is a young girl. She is an imaginative girl who works as per her Mistress’ wishes. Most of the poem has elements that we’ve come across in person or seen or read in news. This poem tries to explore this young girl’s thoughts and how she goes about her daily routine-dusting, cleaning, avoiding the “evil” eye of the Mistress’ son.

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