The lady with the lamp


She changes into her silvery white gown,
And brushes her hair from the crown.
Her long hair were silken and dark,
The candle on her dresser begins to spark.
The candle sputters till she cups the flame,
She looks at her reflection with a hint of shame.She rosies her cheeks and prims her lips,
She smells the vine and slowly she sips.
The weather worsens, it begins to rain,
The candle sputters and sparks again.She hurries and fetches an oil lamp,
“It must be that wretched scamp.
I must relieve that lass for this trick.”
She lowered the candle’s wick
Till it lights the oil lamp and the room,
She picks up her dainty bottle of perfume.
She sniffs the musk scent and smiles,
She hums a tune and her nails she files.

Thunder and lightening begin to roar,
A gust of wind blows the candle to the floor.
She protects the oil lamp from the gale,
It rages a while and then it goes pale.
Her shadows cast an eerie sight,
The frail oil lamp tries to light the dark night.

She studies her hair in the mirror,
She brushes them and then screams in horror.
In the blink of an eye, it goes away,
She believes she saw her reflection, dull and gray.
She inspects her chaste face,
No wrinkles, no blemishes, just her grace.

She feels uneasy and picks up the lamp,
She uses the wash cloth, though cold and damp.
She slowly dries her face and hands,
She feels petrified, staring at the water, she stands.

She sees His reflection beside her own,
She turns around to find herself alone.
She takes the lamp and dashes outside,
Unaware that she has no place to hide.The ghost of her sin chases her around,
They look for her but she is never found.
Such is the story of the lady of the hill,
The woman in white, she roams still.
So they tell the children before they leave,
To trick or treat on All Hallow’s Eve.

About the post: Some of the superstitions and beliefs around Halloween’s are used in this post-

As per some beliefs, if unmarried women were to gaze into a mirror in a dark room, they would be able to see their future husband. If they saw a skull, it meant that they would die before getting married.

If a candle blows out on its own or due to wind on Halloween’s, it is believed that a ghost is in the vicinity.

If one hears something behind one’s back on Halloween’s, it is believed that one must never look back for it may be death itself.


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