Trick or Treat



The child’s eyes flew open as he awoke,
“Get ready for breakfast, Lex.”, his mother spoke.
His green eyes like hers lit up bright,
He had great plans for the special night.
Out he jumped and off went he,
Hardly able to contain his glee.

He blew mint bubbles as he giggled,
He brushed away as his body jiggled.
He combed his hair like a nice boy,
He opened his wardrobe and roared with joy.

He ran downstairs and into the kitchen,
He hugged her tight much like a kitten.
His mother laughed and petted his head,
“I guess you like it then.”, she smiled and said.
“I love it, Mom.”, he was happy as could be,
He got his wish, the perfect costume, you see.

The day went by in preparation for the night,
She carefully painted a few strands white.
On his lips, she gave him a touch of crimson,
She put away her lipstick and smiled at her son.
How the Count himself would be proud,
The child raised his nose and gently bowed.
The theatrics made her laugh out aloud.

A full moon adorned the night sky,
Monsters, big and small were on the sly,
Jack-o-lanterns smirked at them as they lurked,
These evil little ones were not to be irked.
They went door to door and gathered their loot,
They whispered as they chomped on candied fruit.

“Well, I’m going to meet a witch later.”, said Lex.
The others laughed, “Watch out for her hex.”
Lex was offended, he ran away, holding back tears.
His face was red and hot were his ears.
He reached for his pocket as his cape swayed behind,
He pulled out what had been his greatest find.

He eyed the sandalwood as he sat under the oak,
He had found it in the garden, along with a cloak.
He knew not of the letter in the other pocket
Or the silver pendant in a silver locket.
All he knew was the sweet smell of sandalwood,
He sniffed his treasure, smiling, as he stood.

Church bells rang out the warning sign,
Almost midnight, much past his curfew of nine.
Lex quickly took off his clothes and wore them inside out,
He walked backwards, he heard the revelers shout.
The church bell rang its final note,
Midnight came, Lex saw something nearby float.

It whizzed past the plains, a silhouette he saw,
As it flew past the moon, Lex gaped in awe.
Before he knew it, it headed straight for him,
Lex stood petrified, he could not move a limb.
The wind blew around him much too strongly,
He closed his eyes and moved behind the tree.
Now and then when he opened his eyes,
All he saw were greenish sparkles in the skies.
The wind swept around as he braced himself for the blow
Something gripped him tight and refused to let go.
Before he could yell for help, he heard a voice,
“Young man. Pick a punishment of your choice.”,
His mother’s green eyes shone fiercely,
She took him by the collar and dragged him swiftly.

About the post:  What can Halloween be without witches?? As per Halloween superstitions, if you wish to meet a witch, wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards on Halloween’s night. Do watch out what you wish for today.