The Midnight Ballet

No, I shall not cease to sing,
My second story I now bring.
It seems only yesterday,
When I heard of the ‘Midnight ballet’.
A travelling troupe of artists most eccentric.

“Most fervent appeal to Mr. Resnick
To attend the Midnight Ballet as Chief Guest
Please bring your invite, might we suggest.”
Mr. Resnick put the invitation away,
He hadn’t heard of any Midnight Ballet.
Just then, the radio crackled with a jingle
“Midnight Ballet-let our world mingle,
Invitation only, for the elite,
We’ve saved you our best seat.”

Mr. Resnick re-read the invite
“No address, no time except ‘Midnight’.”
Just then, Mr. Resnick heard the doorbell ring
Shocked at first, he shot up like a spring.
The butler, “Remy” soon walked up to him
Unsure why his master’s face looked grim.

“A letter for you Sir, delivered just now,
I would be retiring for the night, if you allow.”
“Yes, yes Remy, hand it to me,
Who made the delivery? Did you see?”
Remy shook his head and handed over the letter,
“Must be that blasted actor!
If he doesn’t pay up this time,
I’ll make him pay, that stupid mime!”

Remy left as Mr. Resnick unsealed the envelope.
“Greetings Sir, I mean well, you will understand, I hope.
A third time I have been served your notice,
I am penniless and worthless, after the recent crisis.
But I mean well, just like you always said
I’ll pay back your loan, alive or dead.
I couldn’t imagine being locked away,
Nor could I stand to betray
The trust that you displayed in me.
Thus I give you my possessions, three.
The first, my mind, though broken it be
Second, my mimes, my ability.
Third, my blood, my family.
I’ll be there, always, just think of me.”

As Mr. Resnick read the last word,
His surroundings stirred,
He gasped for air as the stirring ceased.
“You made it, oh we are most pleased.”
His hands shook, his throat was sore,
He didn’t seem to be himself anymore.
He turned around and held his chest
The mime whispered, “They are putting me to rest.”

Mr. Resnick turned away and shut his eyes.
“This is just in my head, I must be wise!”
He turned back and found himself alone,
“A ploy, to avoid repaying his loan!”
Mr. Resnick dismissed it all and went to bed
But he woke up frightfully, his eyes red.

The clock had rung twelve in the night,
He had promptly sat upright.
Just then, his vision grew hazy,
“Welcome one and all to the world of crazy.
Please give a roar to our Chief Guest.”
Ghostly howls left him clutching his chest.
They came close, “We mean well.”
They pranced about him until he fell.
Just then, a radio crackled,
“Recent artists’ murders leave detectives baffled,
A ‘Mr. Resnick’ seems to be the common link.”
I’ll leave the rest for you to think.

About the post: I hope you enjoyed this story. I know it was on the macabre side, I was creeped out while writing it but it also thrilled me immensely. 😛


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